Welcome to ANED!

The Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) is an association of the eleven electricity distribution companies in Nigeria that is dedicated to:

  • Advocacy on issues of common interest and relevance for the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).
  • Making representations to relevant government ministries, agencies and regulators on policy, legislation and regulations, with a particular focus on electricity distribution.
  • Facilitating the setting of industry standards for the operations of its members.
  • Promoting the collective interests of the electricity distribution companies, in a singular capacity.
  • Developing Nigeria’s electricity distribution assets.
  • Seeking to bring value to Nigerian electricity consumers.
  • Carrying out public sensitization, stakeholder consultations and engagements regionally and nationally, relative to the activities of the electricity distribution companies.

Important Facts to Note.

  • The average residential tariff of N31.50/kWh is still significantly cheaper than self-generated power at a cost estimated to be in excess of N80/kWh.
  • Electricity is a commodity with a price that must be paid.
  • With the implementation of the new tariff, Fixed Charges have been removed as part of electricity billing.
  • DisCos have a five-year performance commitment to reduce power interruption, extend the distribution network, increase metering and improve the quality of customer service.
  • With the injection of efficiency and investment in infrastructure, tariff rates are expected to be reduced.
  • A market priced or cost reflective tariff is fundamental to the DisCos’ ability to make the capital investment that will improve power supply and, ultimately, reduce the tariff.
  • DisCo operators only collect 24 percent of the tariff revenues. The balance goes upstream to transmission, generation and other industry stakeholders (CBN, NERC, NBET, etc.).
  • Without a tariff that allows the operators to recover their cost of operation, there will be no increased generation or improved service delivery, as necessary to improve the customer electricity experience.
  • With an estimated metering gap of 2.4 million, as indicated by NERC, there are logistical and financial challenges to immediately metering customers, as the DisCo operators would prefer. However, it is important to highlight that there is no one more committed to comprehensive metering than the DisCos. As such, DisCos are rolling out very aggressive metering plans.

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