Analytics Overview

ANED’s pictorial analytics shows a detailed analysis, and information on collections and reports on different aspects of Nigeria’s electricity distribution system. The aim of the pictorial analytics is:

  • To provide information for better understanding of the distribution electricity component of the electricity business.
  • To highlight the cost elements and related challenges of the sector
  • To provide a detailed performance picture of the electricity distribution system
  • To highlight the expected improvement in Aggregate Technical, Commercial and Collection (ATC&C) losses, that will result in an increase in power supply and a reduction of electricity consumer tariff rates
  • To emphasize that a cost reflective tariff is critical for the improvement of the power sector

The data used in creating these reports was obtained from ANED members and other industry sources.

Of important note is that the distribution operators are being held to five-year performance plans for the improvement of service delivery to electricity consumers. The operators are committed to aggressive metering plans, distribution network extension, improved customer service, rehabilitation and replacement of dilapidated and obsolete distribution network infrastructure. Improved performance will lead to a reduction in customer electricity tariffs.

However, successful performance will be tied to tariffs that are sufficient for the recovery of the cost of power distribution (as well as allow for the required capital investment), increased power generation, customers paying their electricity bills (in particular, the government Ministries, Departments and Agencies [MDA]) and non-theft of electricity.

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