The DisCos chiefs and heads of human resources would want to see the following activities to continue after the project:

  1. The quarterly DisCos HR capacity and performance empowering activities
  2. Coordinated approach to solving sector specific challenges
  3. ANED should source for project sponsors to continue with assistance similar to the one offered by AFD and CODIFOR
  4. ANED certification should be driven to a conclusive end
  5. Benchmark industry data (workforce, salary, welfare etc)
  6. Common HR purse/budget to assist with the planning of events. This will ensure there is a standard and management do not use the cost as an excuse not to participate
  7. Proactive drive for gender equality and inclusion in the industry should be sustained
  8. Collaboration with APUA/ANCEE
  9. Periodic meetings of MDCEOs to be on the same page with ANED initiatives on different platforms
  10. Approach donor agencies to fund some of ANED’s projects and initiatives for the DisCos
  11. ANED should develop a forum/platform that brings together HR and other functions like commercial, technical, legal etc.
  12. ANED CODIFOR HR Project should be made to evolve to handling/addressing other bigger challenges.

ANED CODIFOR Project, is a tripartite project comprising of The French Development Agency in Nigeria (AFD) as the funder, the Cooperation, Industrial development and Training (CODIFOR) as technical partner and Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) as the beneficiary on behalf of Nigerian Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos).

The Project with a life span of thirty (30) months was launched in July 2016 but officially started in January 2017 with the project closure scheduled for June 2019.

The Project Coordinators; Rotimi Adebari (ANED) and Agathe Gondinet (CODIFOR) described the end of the partnership as a new beginning for ANED and Nigerian electricity distribution companies. 

The partnership between the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) and CODIFOR was set up with the primary purpose of empowering DisCos chiefs and heads of human resources to build capacity and performance in Nigerian electricity distribution sub-sector.