The project coordinators (Rotimi Adebari and Agathe Gondinet), described working with DisCos chiefs and heads of human resources as a fulfilling experience with lots of lessons learnt. Among the interesting things they discovered is that every DisCo has their area of unique strengths, not precluding the fact that they equally have their weaknesses. It was on the back of this discovery that the idea of “what has worked well for us” initiative was introduced at the quarterly capacity building trainings and workshops. The initiative provided the host DisCos the opportunity to share an aspect of their operations that has worked well with the visiting DisCos. This idea of shared knowledge invariably goes on to become example of best practice in the sector.

Some of the outlined tremendous achievements of the project includes the following:

  1. Identification of the sector’s human resources priorities
  2. Benchmarking human resources practices with best practices in France
  3. Discovered world class training centres for power sector; Schneider and Electricite de France (EDF)
  4. Discovering new technologies of smart grid and smart metering and their impacts on human resources
  5. Designed tools for Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
  6. Implemented TNA tools with DisCos
  7. Produced Training Needs Assessment (TNA) Report
  8. Identified 14 critical job roles that has direct impact on the DisCos performance in (Technical, Commercial and Support Services)
  9. Collated the DisCos identified training needs for linesworkers, cable jointers, protection control and metering (PC&M), distribution service officers (DSO), network planner, electrical fitter, billing officer, customer service officer, key account management officer, energy sales representative, legal and regulatory officer, account/finance officer, health safety environment management (HSE), talent management, information technology and corporate communication.
  10. Organising quarterly workshops and trainings for Discos chiefs and heads of human resources leading to training of 249 human resources personnel across the eleven electricity distribution companies.
  11. Create a digital platform to support learning and communication
  12. Create attractive partnerships with training facilities, including NAPTIN
  13. Mapping of existing training providers for the sector; Schneider, Siemens, Gil Training Institute, Energy Training Centre (ETC)
  14. International partnership with APUA & ANCEE leading to award of 300 scholarship opportunities for DisCos technical, commercial and support services staff
  15. Developed sector specific certifications for (Lineworkers and Commercial Officers)

ANED CODIFOR Project, is a tripartite project comprising of The French Development Agency in Nigeria (AFD) as the funder, the Cooperation, Industrial development and Training (CODIFOR) as technical partner and Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) as the beneficiary on behalf of Nigerian Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos).

The Project with a life span of thirty (30) months was launched in July 2016 but officially started in January 2017 with the project closure scheduled for June 2019.

The Project Coordinators; Rotimi Adebari (ANED) and Agathe Gondinet (CODIFOR) described the end of the partnership as a new beginning for ANED and Nigerian electricity distribution companies. 

The partnership between the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) and CODIFOR was set up with the primary purpose of empowering DisCos chiefs and heads of human resources to build capacity and performance in Nigerian electricity distribution sub-sector.