Speaking at the closing ceremony; Olivier Dambrine, Director CODIFOR, represented by Agathe Gondinet expressed satisfaction working with ANED and particularly the new relationship between ANED and APUA with the hope that the partnership will create growing opportunities for the DisCos.

Olivier spoke further on the certifications that ANED has been able to design; he said the certification will upgrade the skills, safety and performance of the DISCOS linesworkers and commercial officers. ANED certifications, according to him, will have a direct impact on the reduction of technical and non-technical losses in the industry. CODIFOR as a business organization in France has been using certifications for 50 years to attract the best talents into the industry and create common standards. “Our certifications are key in the reputation of our industry in France and abroad. We are sure that ANED certifications will send the same signal of professionalism, transparency and excellence across Nigeria” said Olivier.

ANED CODIFOR Project, is a tripartite project comprising of The French Development Agency in Nigeria (AFD) as the funder, the Cooperation, Industrial development and Training (CODIFOR) as technical partner and Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) as the beneficiary on behalf of Nigerian Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos).

The Project with a life span of thirty (30) months was launched in July 2016 but officially started in January 2017 with the project closure scheduled for June 2019.

The Project Coordinators; Rotimi Adebari (ANED) and Agathe Gondinet (CODIFOR) described the end of the partnership as a new beginning for ANED and Nigerian electricity distribution companies. 

The partnership between the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) and CODIFOR was set up with the primary purpose of empowering DisCos chiefs and heads of human resources to build capacity and performance in Nigerian electricity distribution sub-sector.